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Solana Name Service

Integration with the Solana Name Service is baked in to Solib.

Fetch Name

fetchName works as a reverse lookup, address -> domain

import { fetchName } from '@walletconnect/solib'

const domain = await fetchName('FidaeBkZkvDqi1GXNEwB8uWmj9Ngx2HXSS5nyGRuVFcZ')

console.log(domain) // bonafida.sol

Fetch Address From Domain

fetchAddressFromDomain works as a normal lookup, domain -> address

import { fetchAddressFromDomain } from '@walletconnect/solib'

const address = await fetchAddressFromDomain('levi.sol')

console.log(domain) // JUskoxS2PTiaBpxfGaAPgf3cUNhdeYFGMKdL6mZKKfR