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Solib Actions

The actions documented here boil down to Solib state management.


Init functions should be called only once and it sets the state and maintains connectors. Connectors can only be defined here.

import { 
init, PhantomConnector, WalletConnectConnector,
InjectedConnector, mainnetBetaWalletConnect
} from '@walletconnect/solib'

init(() => ({
// The different connector methodologies that will be used.
// PhantomConnector will interact with injected Phantom Wallet using browser
// extension, while WalletConnectConnector can be used to interact with all
// wallets that support the WalletConnect protocol.
connectors: [
new PhantomConnector(),
new InjectedConnector('window.solib'),
new InjectedConnector('window.solflare'),
new WalletConnectConnector({
relayerRegion: 'wss://',
metadata: {
description: 'Test app for solib',
name: 'Test Solib dApp',
icons: [''],
url: 'http://localhost:3000'
autoconnect: true,
qrcode: true
// Name of the connector to be used.
// The connector needs to be registered in the connectors field above.
// This can be switched later using `switchConnector` function.
connectorName: WalletConnectConnector.connectorName,
// The name of the cluster and network to use.
// Here, `mainnetBeta` refers to the mainnetBeta Solana network, while
// `WalletConnect` is the RPC server thhat will be used to do the communication
chosenCluster: mainnetBetaWalletConnect(PROJECT_ID)

State management

Switch Connector

switchConnector will determine the connector used to perform connect, disconnect, signMessage and most actions that do not communicate with a cluster. This effectively manipulates connectorName configured in init.

import { switchConnector, PhantomConnector } from '@walletconnect/solib'

// After this, all function calls will use PhantomConnector under the hood.

Switch Network

switchNetwork determines which cluster will be communicated with. This effectively manipulates chosenCluster.

import { switchConnector, mainnetBetaWalletConnect, mainnetBetaProjectSerum } from '@walletconnect/solib'

// After this, all function calls will use PhantomConnector under the hood.
// `mainnetBetaWalletConnect` is a function call as it needs to retrieve
// the configured PROJECT_ID.


Set and Get project Id

The functions here are conceded with manipulating PROJECT_ID (the second argument in init.

import { getProjectId, setProjectId } from '@walletconnect/solib'


const projectId = getProjectId()

console.log(projectId) // 0x8s...

Get Connector is available

getConnectorIsAvailable determines whether a specified connector is available.

import { getConnectorIsAvailable, PhantomConnector } from '@walletconnect/solib'

const phantomIsAvailable1 = getConnectorIsAvailable(PhantomConnector.connectorName())

// OR

const phantomIsAvailable2 = getConnectorIsAvailable('injected-window.phantom.solana')